Payment Link Payments

Allow the posting of events, such as payments or invoice updates to a predefined webhook.

Getting Started

Webhooks allows you to capture Invoice payments and Payment Link payments in real time to be notified to a defined Callback URL This notification will include a payload of information about the payment. To enable QuickaPay webhooks go to the settings page and add a webhook.

Webhook Configuration

Once you have selected to add a webhook you will be asked to provide a target Callback URL which payment events will be sent to. You must then also choose which payment events you want to subscribe to. For this example below we will be subscribing to Payment Link payments and forwarding this information to a zapier integration.

Once a webhook has been added you can choose to enable / disable the webhook via the Status or click "Test Webhook" to send an example POST request to the URL with an example payload of what a webhook event looks like.

Below is an example payload sent to the URL when you fired "Test Webhook" for a Payment Link Payment event.

"event": "PaymentLinkPayment",
"gid": "027512ac-3513-489b-adb2-773051fb09f5",
"timestamp": 1606952639,
"payload": {
"payee_first_name": "John",
"payee_last_name": "Smith",
"payee_email": "[email protected]",
"customer_reference": "Easy payments scheme",
"fee_paid": "5",
"tax_paid": "0.45",
"amount_paid": "100",
"payment_method": "Instalments",
"date_paid": "2020-12-02T23:43:59.696229946Z",
"settlement_reference": "0b39dbf3-11fc-49d5-bb22-3b72dd742ca2",
"artifact_id": "1c9212a4-6972-4987-bf01-7f7aece3b20a",
"artifact_type": "PaymentLink"